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  • Firefighters 4 Kids Columbus, Ohio PatchThe Firefighters 4 Kids program started in 1977 after a Columbus firefighter, Mike Mullins, had an emergency call to a
    home with young children and noticed they had nothing for the children for Christmas.
  • Mike began the program working with a handful of other firefighters in the basement of his home.
  • In the beginning , the toys that were provided were often used toys or new toys that Columbus firefighters had donated to be delivered to families in need.
  • As the needs in the community grew, and as more people got involved, the program was able to expand and begin to assist more children during the holiday season.
  • In 2015, the program provided toys to 5,300 families and 15,000 children. They do all of this from donations from the community and sponsors such as:
    • Columbus Division of Fire
    • NBC
    • CME Federal Credit Union
    • Lowendick Demolition Contractors and C.O.C
    • Franklin Equipment
    • TS Tech
  • The organization has a very strong volunteer community and relies on it to work the program. At no time has anyone that is a part of the program received a salary, and that continues to be the standard today.
  • The program provides toys for children ages 0-12, and if they have items available, provide gifts for children ages 13-14.


Main Office:
3675 Parsons Avenue
Columbus, OH 43214

2028 Williams Rd
Columbus, OH 43207