(614) 633-5259


Directions For Pick Up

In 2021 the Firefighters 4 Kids program will have pickups for those who have signed up at the local agencies at:

Alum Creek Industrial Park

2025 Camaro Ave

Columbus, OH  43207

Off of Alum Creek and 104 East or Alum Creek and 70 East

Follow the signs to the location

Due to Covid safety precautions and space limitations, please stay in your car when you arrive.  Follow the directions to alert the staff you are there for pickup by texting the 614-633-5259.  When the area is clear, you will be sent a text to come in.  Masks are REQUIRED in the building during pickup and please limit pickup to one person.

2025 Camaro Ave

To Pickup toys, the following is REQUIRED:

  1. Firefighters 4 Kids Pickup Letter
  2. Picture ID for Legal Guardian
  3. Proof of the birth date for each registered child. The child’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE is the main form of documentation accepted. ***
  4. If someone else is picking up for you, they need all the above PLUS a letter from you stating they have permission to pickup your toys, and their picture ID.

***If you do not have a birth certificate, then you MUST present a CERTIFIED DOCUMENT that has the birthdate of the child, AND the name of the legal guardian of the child (Other Documents Accepted Are: Passport, County Certified Custodial Papers, State or Federal certified documents)
NOTE: Caresource Cards are NO LONGER an acceptable form of ID.