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Directions For Pick Up

In 2022 the Firefighters 4 Kids program will have pickups for those who have signed up at the local agencies at:

Westland Mall – Old Sears Building

4411 W Broad St

Columbus, OH  43228

Follow the signs to the location

Please arrive on your date and time for pickup.  Be sure to bring your print out from the agency, a picture id for the parent/adult picking up, and proof of children’s ages when you come to pick up.

To Pickup toys, the following is REQUIRED:

  1. Firefighters 4 Kids Pickup Letter
  2. Picture ID for Legal Guardian
  3. Proof of the birth date for each registered child. The child’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE is the main form of documentation accepted. ***
  4. If someone else is picking up for you, they need all the above PLUS a letter from you stating they have permission to pickup your toys, and their picture ID.

***If you do not have a birth certificate, then you MUST present a CERTIFIED DOCUMENT that has the birthdate of the child, AND the name of the legal guardian of the child (Other Documents Accepted Are: Passport, County Certified Custodial Papers, State or Federal certified documents)
NOTE: Caresource Cards are NO LONGER an acceptable form of ID.